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Orthodontic Treatment for Class 2 Malocclusion

Patient Information

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Treatment Plan

A comprehensive treatment plan was devised to address Aman’s orthodontic issues and enhance his facial aesthetics:
Phase 1: Twin Block Appliance: Given Aman’s age and deficient mandible, a Twin Block appliance was recommended. The Twin Block is a functional appliance designed to promote mandibular growth and improve the relationship between the upper and lower jaws during the growth phase.
Phase 2: Orthodontic Treatment: Orthodontic treatment was initiated after successfully using the Twin Block appliance to encourage mandibular growth. This phase aimed to align the teeth, correct the class 2 malocclusion, and achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Twin Block Appliance: Aman was fitted with the Twin Block appliance, which consisted of upper and lower removable devices designed to guide mandibular growth by repositioning the lower jaw.

Orthodontic Treatment

After completing the Twin Block phase and achieving the desired mandibular growth, Aman received orthodontic treatment involving braces to align his teeth properly. This phase included adjustments and periodic visits to ensure optimal progress.


The combined treatment approach of the Twin Block appliance followed by orthodontic treatment led to significant improvements in Aman’s facial aesthetics and smile. The class 2 malocclusion was corrected, and his deficient mandible was appropriately addressed.


Regular follow-up appointments were scheduled to monitor Aman’s progress, adjust the orthodontic appliances as needed, and ensure the desired outcomes were achieved.


This case highlights the successful orthodontic treatment of a class 2 malocclusion with a deficient mandible in a teenage patient. The phased approach involving the Twin Block appliance and subsequent orthodontic treatment resulted in improved facial harmony, proper teeth alignment, and an enhanced smile.

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