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Our Price Plan Starts From

Consultation Fee


X-ray (iopa)cost


Simple tooth extraction/removal per Tooth


Third Molar/Wisdom tooth removal (normal)


Third Molar/Wisdom tooth removal (Surgical)


Scaling and polishing


Teeth whitening (bleaching)


Root canal treatment (RCT with pfm crown)


Root canal treatment (RCT with cad -cam pfm crown)


Root canal treatment (RCT with zirconia crown)


Root canal treatment (RCT with composite filling only)


All ceramic /E-max crown


Periodontal surgery


Bone grafting


Post RC filling


Post &core cost


Paediatric root canal with metal cap


Paediatric filling


Zirconia crown


repeat root canal treatment (without crown)


E-max veneer


Complete denture


Dental Implants


Removable partial denture


Orthodontic treatment with ceramic braces

₹28000 -32000

Twin block appliance


Orthodontic treatment with metal braces

₹22000 -25000

Premium dental implant


Implant supported complete denture with ceramic bridge


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