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Formerly known as the dental health care centre, Arastu Dental has served the community with exceptional dental services for over 12 years. What began as a modest dental clinic in 2011, with a single operatory (dental unit), has now evolved into a state-of-the-art dental hospital with more than four operatories. We take pride in offering cutting-edge dental care with modern equipment and machinery, providing our patients with the best possible experience.


Our Services

Dental Implants

As we know, Dental Implants represent one of the leading and most progressive branches of Dentistry, serving as a state-of-the-art method for tooth replacement

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics, an essential branch of dentistry, specialises in correcting improperly positioned teeth and jaws. When teeth are misaligned or do not fit together correctly,


Dentures are valuable devices designed to replace missing teeth, relying on support from the mouth's surrounding soft and hard tissues. Arastu Dental offers two main types of dentures: Complete Removable Dentures and Partial Removable

Dental Jewellery

In the field of aesthetic dentistry, tooth jewellery has become increasingly popular. Most people make this fashion statement to surprise their friends with anything of crystal glass or gold adorned with rubies or diamonds.

Teeth Whitening/Bleaching

Maintaining beautiful, clean teeth is crucial to perceiving ourselves and others. Despite our best efforts with regular brushing, flossing, and mouthwash use, tough

Ceramic Crowns

Crowns & Bridges are essential dental restorations for damaged, decayed, or lost teeth. These fixed prosthetic devices play a crucial role in


Our Testimonals

Manish Singh Solanki
Manish Singh Solanki
Arastu dental clinic provides excellent facilities following proper sanitation protocol..Dr. Gopal Thakur is highly skilled who treat with extreme care and empathy. Highly recommended for all dental procedures.
manish gunwan
manish gunwan
डॉ. गोपाल ठाकुर का व्यवहार बहुत अच्छा और पेशेवर है। एक पेशेवर डॉक्टर को इसी तरह व्यवहार करना चाहिए और परिचारक को संक्षिप्त जानकारी प्रदान करनी चाहिए। ऐसे ही अच्छा काम करते रहो और समाज की सेवा करो।
parth Jangam
parth Jangam
ravi parmar
ravi parmar
Dr Gopal Singh and Arastu Dental clinic team is highly expert in Dental services. Clinic is well equipped with all the necessary modern facilities. I am using Arastu dental clinic service from last 5 year. All the services used since last five year is as intact as new. I definitely recommend Dr Gopal and Arastu dental clinic service.
Rajkumar Singh Thakur
Rajkumar Singh Thakur
I'm lucky enough to have a great dentist who takes really good care of my teet. You really do wonderful work at this location. no need to go bhopal and Indore .The office staff is also extremely welcoming and warm....
Deepak Rathore
Deepak Rathore
Good dental treatment and RCTand extractions better than other clinic
Manish Jotwani
Manish Jotwani
Excellent doctor!!!Very thorough and caring. He is very sensitive about patients dental problems and goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable.Your dental clinic staff take such exceptional care.Your entire team is marvelous.
Mahendra Malviya
Mahendra Malviya
Dr. Gopal is the best dentist in the town and a great human being.
Bhupendra Digodiya
Bhupendra Digodiya
Overall, the best dental clinic is one that provides quality dental care, with a friendly and professional staff, and offers services that meet your needs while being affordable and accessible.
Very good service
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We are committed to provide you the best dental services following the code of ethics and loyalty.
We provide you the utmost care and best treatment apart from very comfort experience at our clinic.
We provide you the comprehensive and transparency in the services.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Dr. Harsh Bharti MDS(Orthodontist)
Specialize in braces & invisalign
Dr. Kamal Kant Shukla(KK)
MDS (Paedodontist)
Specialized in children’s dentistry & endodontic work
Dr. Waquar Ahmed
MDS(Maxillfacial Surgeon)
Specialize in jaw fracture & third molar surgeries & Implant.

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Case Studies


E-max Veneer for Dental Fluorosis

For teeth with mild to moderate dental fluorosis, bleaching was suggested to improve the appearance of the teeth and reduce discoloration. Carious teeth were also identified during the examination and required restoration.

Zirconia Crown for Midline Diastema

Orthodontic Treatment with Braces: This option involved correcting the spacing and diastema using traditional orthodontic braces. However, due to the patient’s impending wedding in a few weeks,


Orthodontic Treatment for Class 2 Malocclusion

Twin Block Appliance: Given Aman’s age and deficient mandible, a Twin Block appliance was recommended. The Twin Block is a functional appliance designed to promote mandibular growth and improve

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